“Kim Turner was recommended to me by a friend. I needed someone to provide a professional and fresh look at how we trained new sales and account manager staff.

Her brief was to repackage the existing training information which had grown organically and was in need of an overhaul. She needed to present this information in a manner which was both professional and readily understandable to new employees.

The resulting training manual was a huge improvement. It clarified the role requirements and enabled both employer and employee to more readily understand each others expectations. Kim discussed the role with new employees and provided an objective and polite assessment both of what I should be looking to work on as an employer and what I should be looking for in employees. Her experience was obvious.

It was long overdue.  I wish I had undertaken the task many years earlier.”

Shaun Barry

Generally everyone in their own business knows how to operate their own business. You know what needs to be done and how and when to do it. You know how you like every task performed and how you like the customer to be treated, with your special customer service. It’s what keeps them coming back to consume more of your products and services. And that generates your profits, market share and brand awareness and all the positive vibes that go with good business. Once you have it all ticking the way you want, you step up to get it humming like a well greased machine.

I’m in the Seventhwave business of wetsuits and in this time we have reinvented everything we do and how we do it several times over. From just in time manufacturing to marketing and selling internationally via the internet. What we do today is so much more diverse and more intricate than what we did 25 years ago. Everything keeps changing and new ways of doing things and new things to do are being invented every day. Every business is now a publisher. We create buzz by social media and spin stories via blogs and videos and sharing.

Training new staff can be a long laborious job and can take weeks if you have to wait for different customer occasions or events to actually happen. Mix that with all the other new ways of doing that need attention everyday.

Before we employed Kim most of the new processes took time to do and took even longer to teach new staff to be able to do correctly. It was frustrating and time wasting to wait for some things to happen before any training could take place. After Kim completed our manuals training a new person is so much easier. The manual has our in house processes documented in the way we do them and in a logical and easy to use system to find and follow instructions. Now I hear “oh I’ve already done that, I just followed the instructions in the Operations manual.”

Kim, in the short term you were an expense! Now with our systems and manuals in place we find all our processes so much easier to do, to teach and to maintain and keep doing correctly everyday. Your expertise and understanding throughout the process also made us question the logic we were dealing with. You are a pleasure to deal with and our received benefits have been immeasurable.

Paul Zarifeh


A lot of things have changed in this world in the past 5-6 years but communicating a message both internally and externally still remains the key to business’s drive for efficiency.

Kim’s style and ability to read the audience, work with management and find the time to consult with individuals who need that ‘little extra (push)’ is outstanding.

Whilst it is now some six years since Kim was invited to take our senior area managers through new processes to achieve increased results in sales and profitability; the results of her ‘people development’ continue to pay dividends for PPGL.

Ron Boskell,