Kim Greenhalgh

Kim Greenhalgh is an experienced  trainer & instructional designer of more than 20 years.  She has a focus on developing leaders and trainers to deliver top performance that drives business results.

Over the past 10 years Kim has honed her skills in the area of business process documentation.  She is skilled in creating Plain Language Business documentation that makes it easy to scan and locate task relevant information.

Kim has previously held national professional development roles in both Financial Services and Retail companies.


After 25 years working with trainers, leaders and teams, Kim brings a wealth of practical experience and knowledge relevant to her workshop participants.  She is able to draw on practical on-the-job experiences to keep learners connected to the “real world”.


Since her tertiary study in Education, Kim has had a career focus and enthusiasm for growing and developing people to improve organisational productivity and performance.


Kim’s favourite training areas are in coaching, leadership and training for trainers.  Her training philosophies are strongly centred around active, experiential learning.


  • Managing training projects and teams
  • Developing and designing training programmes
  • Analysing training needs
  • Facilitating training & planning workshops
  • Developing Induction (Onboarding) programmes
  • Providing on-the-job coaching
  • Managing and coaching sales teams, and
  • Developing sales and operational manuals for businesses

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