Manuals & Work Instructions

Create business value with quality documentation

Well documented systems and procedures form a large part of the value of your brand.  This is particularly relevant if you want to expand or franchise. Procedural Manuals form a large part of the value for any new operator wanting to invest.  

It’s also a great place to start when you’re planning the content of your staff training.


Our “Clever Documents”

The methodology we use to create manuals is based on solid research about learning and information retention.

The format and structure of our “Clever documents” allows the reader to quickly scan to the information they are looking for.  This minimizes the time taken to wade through large amounts of text.  This is ideal for “refer to” type information such as that contained in Operations Manuals.  The information is organised into digestible “chunks” of information, so the reader can absorb information without “overload”.

Efficiency gains

The process of creating Operations Manuals is often a catalyst for business owners to think about their systems and procedures.  Often, our consulting process results in great ideas that create new efficiencies for our clients in their businesses.

Do you have an Operations Manual that no-one uses?

Many businesses have these….. Manuals that are difficult to navigate, and difficult to keep updated.  Often they contain very valuable information that is buried in a sea of text.  Staff can waste vast amounts of precious time trying to find specific pieces of information that they need.

We guarantee we can convert these manuals into relevant, scan-able, easy to use reference documents that your team won’t want to be without.

Contact us today about how we can help you create valuable business manuals – a platform for business efficiency.