Make your training investment count...

Training design matters.  Have you ever bought an off-the-shelf training solution, thinking it would be a quick and cost-effective fix, only to be left with wasted budget and minimal results?

At Clarity Training, we believe in delivering cost-effective solutions.  Our design process helps you to really understand the connection between your unique business and the way your staff “make it happen”.

When you drive great results you never regret the investment.  Often our clients tell us that they learned a lot about their own business just through the consultation process (before we even get into designing the training.)


Clarity Training Design Process

The training we design will be custom matched to your vision, values, culture and strategies.  We draw on many years of professional training and experience to design creative, fun, engaging training that leaves your teams motivated and competent.

1. Vision

To ensure we understand your vision, we:

  • Consult with you on your business goals and future direction
  • Identify current problems and business pain points
  • Clarify your desired outcomes
  • Check in on industry best practice

2. Tactics

Before we design anything, we do our research…

  • Identify critical skills and behaviours that will drive your desired results
  • Align with your business values and philosophical approach
  • Advise on ideal structure and methods for training

3. Design

We are creative and skilled in designing training that drives business results.

  • Match training style to your needs
  • Consider cultural implications
  • Use creative methods for an engaging and memorable learning experience
  • Create stimulating, professional materials  aligned with your brand

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