About us

We provide customised training and documentation services.

Our approach is ideally suited to businesses who want to grow, expand, franchise and/or raise standards to a new level.

Our key aim is the efficient and effective transfer of knowledge and skills.

What makes our approach so efficient?

  • Training and written materials are tailored to match the needs of the reader / learner.
  • We only include content that is directly relevant for participants.  We ensure this happens by using the Clarity Design Process.
  • Finding information is efficient due to the Clever Documents system we use.

What makes our approach so effective?

  • In a word… Customisation
  • Our workshops deliver active, experiential learning.
  • We use practical hands-on activities based on the real-world environment of your specific business.

All support materials are tailored to your business and provide a direct link from training to On-the-job reality

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