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Opportunities to learn and develop are high on the list of things that keep people engaged and motivated on your team.

Frustrated or poorly trained staff equals poor quality and unhappy customers. But the good news is...

we can help get your team buzzing, and getting the results you need.

Ever experience this? 

You delegate a job to a team member who's been with you for a while. Some time later, nothing much seems to be happening, and you need that job done! After repeatedly chasing up and correcting the work, you finally decide it would be better to take the job over and finish it yourself. After all, there's no time to explain it all over again, it just needs to be done. It's not rocket science. Surely they know how to do this by now? And so the cycle continues 🙁

Well trained staff make less mistakes, work more efficiently and provide customers with a consistent, high quality result.

Gain the benefits of clarity, quality and consistency in the work your team are doing.

Our training programmes are designed with your specific business in focus. We use your scenarios and examples, and customise your training.  At Clarity Training, we support you to provide training that:

  • drives results in your business
  • supports staff retention, motivation and engagement
  • creates clarity and certainty for your team and their leaders

We can assist with these types of 



Sales & Service


Systems & process


Health & Safety

Working with me is as easy as...


Book a free chat to discuss your business training needs


We prepare a custom training toolkit for you and your people


We put your customised training plan in place

Results !

Celebrate your team's new found confidence and productivity!

ron boskell CEO, PPGL

"The results of Kim's people development continue to pay dividends"

Kim’s style and ability to read the audience, work with management and find the time to consult with individuals who need that ‘little extra (push)’ is outstanding.  Kim was invited to take our Senior Area Managers through new processes to achieve increased results in sales and profitability. The results of her ‘people development’ continue to pay dividends for PPGL.


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