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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Inconsistent quality
  • High error rates
  • Expensive mistakes (both in $$ and in reputation damage)
  • Communication blockages
  • Stressed supervisory staff
  • Unclear procedures and expectations
  • The risks of having all the expertise in a few people's heads
  • Difficulty retaining good staff long term

To this...

Let's get it sorted!

  • Effective work instructions and manuals with clear & easy-to-follow quality standards
  • Effective Onboarding processes that give new people the best start
  • Effective Induction processes that speed up the path to proficiency
  • A training toolkit and system to help you stay on track
  • Effective knowledge transfer
  • Leaders who are equipped with the right skills to train their people for results

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Recruitment is expensive and time consuming. Lock in the rewards of your recruitment efforts, so your new-hires stay with you and become productive at speed. 

Effective Onboarding & Induction processes lead to loyal & productive team members, with a rapid path to productivity in your business.


Gain the benefits of clarity, quality and consistency in the work your team are doing.

Well trained staff make less mistakes, work more efficiently and provide customers with a consistent high quality result.

Our training programmes are designed with your specific business in focus.


Only 9% of managers are rated as having excellent leadership skills. Too often, leaders are promoted and left to figure it out as they go.

Leaders have a huge impact on staff loyalty and productivity. We help you to ensure you have effective leaders creating the environment and results that you want in your business.

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We prepare a custom training toolkit for you and your people



Your customised training plan is put in place



You enjoy your team's new found confidence and productivity!


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about us

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Kim Greenhalgh


Training & Documentation Consultant

Hi, I'm Kim. I meet many busy business leaders especially in HR and Operations Management. Often they grapple with finding time to make sure their staff are well trained, productive and effective for their business.

They have good people on their teams, who aren't rising to the level of their potential. They find themselves in that vicious cycle of "no time to train people" leading to errors and inefficiencies.

Fixing the results of this, robs them of even more precious time, which perpetuates the cycle.

I love helping busy business leaders to break this cycle, and enable your team to achieve consistently high quality results and productivity. I'll help you get clarity with your procedures and expectations. I'll support you in creating a toolkit of work instructions and training that make it super streamlined whenever you need to train someone who's new, or in a new role.

Gone are the frustrations of that vicious cycle of lost productivity. Welcome your new world of clarity, efficiency and productivity from your well trained staff.


Check what our clients say about us

Now I hear... "Oh I've already done that, I just followed the instructions in the Operations Manual."
Now with our systems and manuals in place we find all our processes so much easier to do, to teach and to maintain and keep doing correctly every day. Your expertise and understanding throughout the process also made us question the logic we were dealing with. You are a pleasure to deal with and our received benefits have been immeasurable.

Paul Zarifeh

Seventhwave Wetsuits Ltd, NZ

The training manual was a huge improvement. It clarified the role requirements and expectations for both myself and my team.

Kim discussed the role with new employees and provided an objective and helpful assessment to guide my next steps as an employer. She provided helpful guidance for me in managing employees. Her experience was obvious.
It was long overdue. I wish I had undertaken the task many years earlier

Shaun Barry

roadside attractions, nz

Kim’s style and ability to read the audience, work with management and find the time to consult with individuals who need that ‘little extra (push)’ is outstanding.

Whilst it is now several years since Kim was invited to take our Senior Area Managers through new processes to achieve increased results in sales and profitability; the results of her ‘people development’ continue to pay dividends for PPGL.

Ron Boskell


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