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The training manual was a huge improvement. It clarified the role requirements and expectations for both myself and my team.

Kim discussed the role with new employees and provided an objective and helpful assessment to guide my next steps as an employer. She provided helpful guidance for me in managing employees. Her experience was obvious.
It was long overdue. I wish I had undertaken the task many years earlier
Shaun Barry
Director, Roadside Attractions, NZ
Now I hear... "Oh I've already done that, I just followed the instructions in the Operations Manual."
Now with our systems and manuals in place we find all our processes so much easier to do, to teach and to maintain and keep doing correctly every day. Your expertise and understanding throughout the process also made us question the logic we were dealing with. You are a pleasure to deal with and our received benefits have been immeasurable.
Paul Zarifeh
Seventhwave Wetsuits Ltd, NZ
Kim’s style and ability to read the audience, work with management and find the time to consult with individuals who need that ‘little extra (push)’ is outstanding. Whilst it is now several years since Kim was invited to take our Senior Area Managers through new processes to achieve increased results in sales and profitability; the results of her ‘people development’ continue to pay dividends for PPGL.
Ron Boskell
Kim Turner
Kim Greenhalgh

Training & Documentation Consultant

Our Story

For more than 20 years, my career has been focused on developing managers, trainers and teams to deliver top performance that drives business results.

I especially love helping experts to translate their knowledge into clear, actionable skills for others to grow and develop.

In my corporate career, I held national roles managing Professional Development teams in both Financial Services and Retail companies.

My training facilitation style is active, experiential, fun and practical. I draw on relevant on-the-job experiences to keep learners connected to the “real world”.

Since my tertiary study in Education, I’ve had a career focus and enthusiasm for growing and developing people to improve organisational productivity and performance.


• Managing training projects and teams
• Developing and designing training programmes
• Analysing training needs
• Facilitating training & planning workshops
• Developing Induction (Onboarding) programmes
• Providing on-the-job coaching
• Developing sales and operational manuals for businesses