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About Clarity

After years in the corporate learning and development world, Clarity came to life. 

The concept grew from my observations of what could be better.  I saw business leaders grapple with the continuous cycle of "too busy to train" and yet overloaded with fixing the results of untrained staff.

Matching training to the business

I saw businesses "tick the training box" to get it off the to-do-list.  Public courses bearing no resemblance to the specifics of their own business, often used as the quick fix.  The return on investment was poor, and I knew I had the skills and experience to help them do better.

I'll help you train and develop confident and competent staff, allowing your business to scale up, reduce stress and reduce risk.

Kim Greenhalgh

Kim Greenhalgh

Learning experience creator

& facilitator

I've been fortunate to work with all kinds of businesses over the years, from large nationwide operations, to smaller franchised & standalone businesses with enough staff to need good systems and training in place.

Capturing your IP before it escapes

The big issue for a lot of businesses is the key expert trap..

It's risky & inefficient to have a large chunk of the expertise locked up in the heads of a few (or worse ONE) expert!  I've made it my mission to become the interpreter, recorder and translator of expertise, to give your business the ability to scale up, reduce stress and reduce risk. 

Supporting leaders and teams to develop a great work culture and results is a buzz for me.  I'm doing what I love, and I know you'll find that it shows in the results from what we create together!

My learning approach:

  • I have a passion for creating clarity
  • I love breaking down complex tasks and processes, and making them easy to follow
  • I am a staunch advocate of plain language
  • I believe learning happens best when it's fun, clear, relevant, and experiential
  • I know that delivering content is not the same thing as creating a learning experience

From my early study in education At Massey & Canterbury Universities, to my corporate experience, you get the balance of theoretical and practical expertise.  You get the experience derived from years on the road coaching, mentoring and training, as well as leading professional development teams.  

My passion for my work shows through in my results!  I look forward to helping you create those results in your business.


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"I wish I had done this many years earlier"

Kim discussed the role with new employees and provided an objective and helpful assessment to guide my next steps as an employer. She provided helpful guidance for me in managing employees. Her experience was obvious.  It was long overdue. I wish I had undertaken the task many years earlier