Our Services

My mission in life is to help busy business leaders harness the power of their people to make business hum!

If you're looking for someone who can create learning that really sticks, and resources that make it easy for people to produce quality, productive results, then you're in the right place.  Talk to me about  training that is customised to the precise needs of your specific NZ business.  

I can help you:


Recruitment is expensive and time consuming. Lock in the rewards of your recruitment efforts, so your new-hires stay with you and become productive at speed. 

Effective Onboarding & Induction processes lead to loyal & productive team members, with a rapid path to productivity in your business.


Gain the benefits of clarity, quality and consistency in the work your team are doing.

Well trained staff make less mistakes, work more efficiently and provide customers with a consistent high quality result.

Our training programmes are designed with your specific business in focus.


Only 9% of managers are rated as having excellent leadership skills. Too often, leaders are promoted and left to figure it out as they go.

Leaders have a huge impact on staff loyalty and productivity. We help you to ensure you have effective leaders creating the environment and results that you want in your business.