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Recruitment is expensive and time consuming.  Lock in the rewards of your recruitment efforts with onboarding and induction processes that lead to loyal and productive team members with a rapid path to productivity in your business.

It can be so frustrating to spend precious time training a new staff member, only to have them leave.

OR... after a month, you feel like they still don't know what they should be doing...

Studies show that the better a new team member's first week, the longer they'll stay

But where do you start? 

 At Clarity Training, we set you up with an easy to implement system and templates.


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& see how many pieces of your training puzzle you need

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We prepare a custom training toolkit for you and your people



Your customised training plan is put in place



You enjoy your team's new found confidence and productivity!

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"I wish I had done this many years earlier"

Kim discussed the role with new employees and provided an objective and helpful assessment to guide my next steps as an employer. She provided helpful guidance for me in managing employees. Her experience was obvious.  It was long overdue. I wish I had undertaken the task many years earlier